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What more do I need to know to reach all students, including students with learning differences or exceptional needs as ASD?  CITE THE FIVE ARTICLES ATTACH or if you find out google journal articlesInclude how you would use the following with kids that have Autism Spectrum Disorder.1.f (Instructional Design & Lesson Planning2.c., 2.e., 2.g., (Learning Environment)3.g. (Instructional Delivery and Facilitation)2. Submit no more than a 1- 2 page summary (usually this can be used as the Introduction to your Individual Research Assignment) of your individual research topic proposal and list of at least 5 preliminary peer-reviewed references. (within the last 10 years) from google. Your summary should provide a rationale of the importance of a specific area that you are researching within the broad topic assigned. Therefore, references (in particular scholarly research articles) should also be focused on your specific area of interest. References should be listed following APA guidelines.NEED TO USE THE ARTICLES ATTACHI attach 5 article that you can use. But you need a total of 5 journal articles.Peer review article is

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