Nova Southeastern University Homicide Investigative Actions Paper

You are a detective supervisor called to respond to the scene of what appears to be a homicide. Upon your arrival you find that uniformed patrol officers have secured the scene. The scene is a one-bedroom apartment in a 10 story multi-unit apartment building. Each unit has a balcony facing the street. Inside the apartment you observe the body of a male who appears to have suffered several stab wounds to the upper torso. A knife is observed on the floor, covered in blood, not far from the body. Uniformed patrol officers are detaining a female who was on scene when the first responding officers arrived. The female has blood on her hands and denies being involved in the stabbing, rather she states she found the man with the knife in his chest so she removed it and thus her hands are covered in blood. After she tells you this information, she refuses to speak.

What investigative actions would you take? Be sure to include each and every step.

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