Notion of race as a biological category

A NT H R O 10 1 ES SA Y IN ST R UC T ION S __________________________________________________________________________________________

Essay Prompt: Refute the notion of race as a biological category applicable to humans __________________________________________________________________________________________

An assignment link is set up on Canvas for you to submit your essay. The assignment link takes you directly into our class page for, so you don’t need to create an account and you don’t need a class ID or password.

 You must submit a properly formatted essay that includes in-text citations and a reference page.

 You must use APA formatting for your essay (APA formatting resources are provided for you).

You should upload your essay a few days before the deadline because if detects any plagiarism or other issues, you can fix your mistakes and then re-upload your essay before the deadline expires. (If you need to make changes and then re-submit your essay, that will completely replace your previous submission.)

• Submit your essay no later than a few days before the deadline (you may submit as early as you like).

• Log back in afterward and check your originality report (any plagiarized material will be highlighted).

▪ If plagiarized material is detected, remove and replace it with your own words and resubmit your essay.

▪ Make sure that you have uploaded a properly formatted (APA) essay with a reference page.

▪ There should be at least 3 articles listed in your bibliography (that you read for your literature review).

In order to successfully complete this assignment, you must follow these instructions:

Complete your literature review before attempting to write your essay!!! Literature review – For your research, you must read at least three (3) of the peer-reviewed scientific articles provided to you on our class Canvas page – also included under the Essay Instructions folder.

You may also lookup peer-reviewed scientific articles via the campus library. You must conduct an appropriate academic literature review in order to gain adequate knowledge of the topic. You are required to read at least three (3) articles for your literature review, but you can read more if you choose.

Don’t search for articles on the Internet! You may only use peer-reviewed scientific articles published in scholarly journals. DO NOT USE INFORMATION FROM THE INTERNET!!! NO WIKIPEDIA!!! If you need assistance writing your paper: • A scientific writing guide is also posted for you on Canvas under the Essay Instructions folder. • If you need help with the structure of your essay and in-text citations, work with a writing tutor. If you need assistance with APA formatting:

• APA formatting resources are included under the Essay Instructions folder and APA formatting links can be found within the module for this assignment.





Paper Formatting:

 Cover page and headers are not required (you may include them if you use a formatting template).

 Your paper should be typed double-spaced, using a clear font, no larger than 12pt.

 Your paper should be two (2) full pages minimum and three (3) full pages maximum. Essay structure:

• Your essay must include all the required components: introduction, thesis statement, body, and conclusion – and a reference page (bibliography).

• You must write an original essay (ENTIRELY IN YOUR OWN WORDS) containing your own objective perspectives on the topic, making references to factual information (written in your own words) that you learned from the three articles you read for your literature review.

• Include in-text citations to identify for your readers what specific literature sources your statements are based on. Your essay should have adequate and properly formatted in-text citations throughout. (If you need help with in-text citations, you must work with a writing tutor!)

• Do NOT plagiarize! Your essay must be entirely in your own words. Plagiarism will result in a zero grade for this assignment, which will detrimentally impact your overall grade for the course.

• Please note that excessive use of quotations (too many quotes) in your paper is considered to be a form of plagiarism. *This is a short essay, so you don’t include more than 2 one-sentence quotes.

• Be very specific with your sentences and do not make vague statements. Do not leave the reader guessing or requiring clarification as to what you are saying.

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