New Learner Orientation

I PLAN ON SITTING FOR THE BCBA EXAM. WORK MUST BE CITED CORRECTLY AND APA FORMAT AS WELL AS ORIGINAL WORK ONLY.New Learner OrientationThe ABA New Learner Orientation is an excellent way to learn about key elements of the program, including meeting leadership and faculty, learning about curriculum and coursework, understanding program and university supports and having an opportunity to ask follow up questions. After watching or attending the New Learner Program Orientation, please engage in the following discussion activities, Please note your instructor will post a link to the live orientation in announcements as well as a link to the recording if you cannot attend live.Confirm that you have attended or watched the New Larner Program Orientation.Describe your plan for obtaining fieldwork hours including:The site where you are or plan to obtain these hours.How you plan to locate a supervisor (or confirm if you already have one).The number of hours you plan to accrue each month to obtain the number required to apply for the BCBA exam.Describe your current (or ideal) site for obtaining these hours and why you chose this location.Please read over the BACB fieldwork hour rules referenced in the orientation. Please describe some examples of how you may accrue unrestricted fieldwork hours.Identify and describe three key points you took away from the orientation that will help you during your educational journey at Capella University.Describe barriers (if any) that you foresee in your journey to becoming nationally certified. Also, explain any potential safeguards to overcome those barriers.If relevant, please ask any follow-up questions you have and your course faculty member will address them through the discussion board.If you do NOT plan on pursuing national certification please explain your future plans and if ABA is a part of those plans. j9SvAA6&

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