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Reflective Essay on Resilience Planning

Read the Article below:

Engaging Youth in Climate Resilience Planning with Social Media: lessons from #OurChangingClimate – PDF Document (10.6 MB)

Students will research the climate in society today as to the question of resilience planning. Students should review the question of urgency or lacicity as it exists in society today. The focus of your work should include an evaluation of the question of consciousness, is there a sense of urgency present, or a feeling of vulnerability or powerlessness noted?

Students will prepare a 2-3 page paper summarizing the sentiment of their results. Students should reflect on the topics discussed in this week’s reading assignment, lecture and discussion boards. Students will also include their personal view on the subject of climate resilience planning and the impact of urban planning projects.


Content Relevance 17 to 18 points: Key points relate to the topic and are clearly communicated with balance, clarity, and relevance. All questions are thoughtfully answered.

Personal Reflection 16 to 17 points: Reflection is thoughtful, focused, and insightful. Reflection clearly relates to the topic.

Structure 14 to 15 points: Advanced Proficient Developing Not Present Title Page, Headers, Page Numbers, Sentence Structure, Mechanics, APA Formatting. Sentences are well-phrased and varied in length and structure. The writing is free of grammar errors. APA formatting has no errors.

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