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The video I watched is with Detroit Mayor Mike Dugan. It is a segment of state of the city highlights. I chose this video because it very closely related to what my idea is. His jesters are mainly hands movements and some facial expressions. He is standing at a podium and he keeps great eye contact with the audience by keeping his head on a swivel. Just from watching it I can feel his emotion on the topic. What made his speech very effective is that he used great details in his case. He describes what one person is going through and why it needs to be improved. That makes it easy for the whole audience to understand why he believe this is an issue that needs to be fixed. I really appreciate the ending of the segment. When he told the audience it takes one person 5 hours to take a bus ride for 5 miles. I think that was the real wake up call to the audience.

These are the questions that I would like to ask from watching this segment

1.      How long will it take to get the funds from the President?  Will these buses be environmental friendly?

2.      How will this affect the bus fare prices? If it does will be a dramatic change.

3.      Since it took this long for issue to be addressed, will there be some kind of survey involved to get feedback from passengers? IF there are more issues from survey how long will it take to fix them? 

I know that these are compound questions, but I figure if I was there I only get a chance to ask one of the questions. 


Detroit Mayor Mike Duggan State of The City Highlights: Improving Bus Service

retrieved from Mydetroitcable Detroit March 7,2014.




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