N5311 UT Arlington Bedside Shift Report and Resisting Change Discussion

There are two parts to this assignment -Please respond separably

1 Bedside Shift Report


  • In an effort to improve patient satisfaction and decrease hand-off errors, your organization is implementing the practice of bedside shift report. Initial training has been completed and nurse leaders are rounding to observe the process. During your rounding, you witness staff members that fall into Hewertson’s five responses to change: victims, critics, bystanders, chargers, and navigators. (You are pleased to see that the majority are navigators.)
  • Initial post: Describe your methods to coach the staff members displaying traits of victims, critics, bystanders, and chargers.
  • Expectations:

  • Initial post should include two reference

  • 2 Resisting Change


  • Reflect on the YouTube video by Lisa Bodell: Why Organizations Resist Change.
  • Initial post: Explain your agreement or disagreement with these statements from the video: ◦”…we are grooming professional skeptics”
  • ◦”Everyone has change fatigue…”


  • Initial post should include two references; replies to peers should include one reference each.
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