Missouri Kansas Ch 3 Smart Grid Infrastructure Technology and Solutions Questions

Question-1 [10 Points]

What is the threshold level of renewable energy penetration (in percentage) at which the utilities are required to change their engineering and planning strategies?

Question-2 [20 Points]

Enumerate the impacts of large scale renewable penetration on the U.S transmission grid.

Question-3 [40 Points]

During the periods of high penetration, wind and solar energy have to be curtailed. What is the reason for doing this? Provide practical examples.

Question-4 [20 Points]

State the applications of energy storage for integrating intermittent renewable energy sources into the power system.

Question-5 [50 Points]

Write a one page summary on “spinning reserves”. Your description should include the applications and examples of spinning reserves.

Question-6 [50 Points]

Do some independent research and write a short report on the impact of plug-in hybrid electric vehicles on the distribution network.

Note:Description should not exceed 3 pages for each question. The text should be in Century School, font size-12 with single spacing. You can include figures and tables.

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