Midterm Assignment

Midterm PUB 635


1.     The attached article discussed a widely published theory called  Public Service Motivation. In particular, this article tests ideas about membership in professional organizations and their effect on PSM. Read the article and answer the questions below.


Be sure to properly cite each of your references at the end of the essay.  An “A” exam will exhibit Masters Level quality as well as mastery of the materials. 




1.      1. Define Public Service Motivation.

2.      2. How does PSM relate to the leadership theories in your 2 course books? (use specific examples).

3.      3. How does PSM and Emotional Intelligence relate? How are they alike/different?


4.       4. Tell me the most interesting thing you have learned in this class thus far? What has been the least enjoyable?


Required Texts:

Perkins, Dennis, NT, Holtman, Margaret P., Kesssler, Paul R. and McCarthy, Catherine. 2000. Leading at the Edge. New York: Amacom. ISBN: 08144-0543-6.

Goleman, Daniel, Boyatzis, Richard and McKee, Annie. 2002. Primal Leadership: Realizing the Power of emotional intelligence. Cambridge, MA: Harvard Business School Press. ISBN 1-57851-486-X.

Recommended/Suggested Readings:


Morse, R.S.; Buss, T.F. & Kinghorn, C.M. (2007). Transforming public leadership for the 21st Century (from the National Academy of Public Administration, Transformational Trends in Governance and Democracy Series). M.E. Sharpe: Armonk, NY.


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