Market Structure Analysis Project

Only reply if you are an EXPERT in microeconomics.

See attached pdf file. All instructions must be followed and peper must be turned in on time. In case you cannot access the pdf, here is the assignment. It is due by Wednesday.




: To apply the characteristics of market structures to assess a real-world market.




: You will observe a market and write a short paper (approximately 3 pages) or

create a presentation (using power-point or any other media that can be easily accessed) to


describe the characteristics of the market for a particular good or service and evaluate its




You are welcome to work with a partner on the project.



Due Date:



November 14

Other important requirements:




You must follow the format describe below. I strongly recommend using headings to

make the structure of your paper clear.




Sources: this is not a research paper. Do not spend more than an hour or two to

acquire the information. You must cite the source of any information or claims you


make- even if it is based on interviews or your own observations – using footnotes (if


you use video, you can turn in a sheet with statements and cites).







The paper/presentation must discuss the topics described below. I strongly suggest you


organize your paper with this as an outline.



A. Briefly define the market and state its structure. (1 paragraph)





Define the product. How broad is the relevant definition of the good or service?

(For example, is your product shoes or just sport shoes; computers or just laptops;


financial investment services or mutual funds)










use a product NOT a single brand (Soda, not Coke; motorcycles; not Harleys)

also, do not select out a few producers.






There is no reason to discuss the “importance” or history or go into minute

descriptions of the product or list the producers or brands.



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