MGT439 Texas A & M University Mystic Monk Coffee Case Paper

Mystic Monk Coffee , Will send you the link to access the reading.

APA, size 12, 1inch margin, Times roman

5 references


On the header please put “last name” and page number on top right corner on every page except for cover page.

***Please be detailed as possible***

The purpose is to apply your business knowledge from a variety of functional areas (such as finance, marketing, management) to solve a real business strategic issue.There may be several questions to guide the discussion.Generally cases follow this format:(1) a summary of the relevant situation in the case, (2) Internal analysis of the firm, including current corporate and business level strategies, (3) external analysis, (4) SWOT analysis culminating in identification of a problem (which may be in fact an opportunity), (5) proposal of two or more alternative courses of action that will help solve the problem or exploit the opportunity, (6) evaluation of all alternatives, (7) recommendation of best alternative and (8) implementation issues that need to be considered.

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