MCJ546016K1 Columbia Southern Original juvenile justice system Essay


The original juvenile justice system (JJS) positioned the judge as the primary advocate for the juvenile, but things have evolved over time to replace the parens patriae doctrine with due process, which makes the defense attorney the primary advocate in an adversarial system.

Search the CSU Online Library for three sources that would assist you in summarizing the evolution of advocacy as the philosophy of the juvenile justice system shifted. Further, describe the legal principles that forced the shift in advocacy to an adversarial system. Finally, determine if the concept of advocacy should provide extended protection to juveniles from lower economic statuses.

In your explanation, make sure that you include any case law that catalyzes these changes and the logic of the ruling in those cases.

Your essay should contain some details about the nature of the reform and what aspect of advocacy has been strengthened over time in the opinion of the authors.

Your essay should comply with APA format for written academic work and be three pages in length—excluding title and reference pages. All ideas and information borrowed from other sources should be properly cited and included in a reference section. Any external sources used should be scholarly in nature and no older than seven years from the publication date. A good start would be in the ProQuest Criminal Justice database in the CSU Online Library.

Hint: Give some consideration to the relative weight or balance between the philosophies of treatment, rehabilitation, deterrence, and punishment for the juvenile.

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