MC621 UIC College of Dentistry Boys and Girls Are Equally Likely

1. Assuming boys and girls are equally likely, find the probability of a couple having a baby boy when their third child is born, given that the first two children were both boys.

Answer- integer or fraction

2. In a certain country, the true probability of a baby being a girl is 0.481. Among the next five randomly selected births in the country, what is the probability that at least one of them is a boy?

answer round to 3 decimal places

3. When testing for current in a cable with ten color-coded wires, the author used a meter to test three wires at a time. How many different tests are required for every possible pairing of three wires?

The number of tests required is…?

4. A classic counting problem is to determine the number of different ways that the letters of balloon can be arranged. Find that number.

The number of different ways that the letters of “balloon” can be arranged is ….?

5. A thief steals an ATM card and must randomly guess the correct four-digit pin code from a 9-key keypad. Repetition of digits is allowed. What is the probability of a correct guess on the first try?

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