marketing and public relations

You are the new director of a child care center that has had some marketing and public relations issues in the past. In the interest of making a fresh start, the board of directors has asked you to evaluate the strengths of the center and create a marketing plan. You will need to be prepared to present your marketing plan at the first board meeting of the year. A week later, a board member contacts you about the importance of getting the word out. She asks you to include your plans for a public relations campaign for the center as part of your presentation. As you think through your public relations campaign, you realize that the board is not sure how to leverage the power of social media. You jot down several social media strategies to help promote the strengths of the center.


Focus Assignment: 50 points

Imagine a child care center that you are familiar with. Then imagine how you would market the center. Create four PowerPoint slides to summarize the highlights of your marketing plan. Similarly, create four slides to summarize the highlights of your public relations campaign for the same center. Last, create four slides describing how to take advantage of social media to help promote the center.

Self-Reflection: 50 points

  1. For each item of your PowerPoint presentation, explain how this guideline addresses the issues in the scenario

Please don’t forget to do your self reflection at the end of the powerpoint

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