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In 500 words or more, use 3 of this week’s readings to provide examples that help explain the difference between sex work and sex trafficking, and/or between sex work and criminal sex offense. Why do these concepts get conflated? What do sex workers experiences tell us about agency and choice? You must use 3 in text citations from 3 different texts to receive full credit.

  1. What is sex work? What is an example of sex work? Why do people do this?

The reason for a people who becomes a sex worker is they are strugging their poor life.

  1. What is criminal sex offense? What is an exampel of criminal sex offense?
  2. What is sex trafficking? What is an example of sex trafficking? Why do people end up in these situations?
  3. Summarize why these different ideas are lumped into one

Sex work, criminal sex, and sex trafficking are often lumped into one idea. According to Dewey, an interview with Latasha, a sex worker, explains to readers that the sex work she performs is simply sex with a man. However, in New Orleans, she is also forced to register as a sex offender. A person can be classified as a sex offender if the person engages in sex with a child, which is very different from sex work where two adults engages in consenual sex. In Latasha, and many other women’s cases, she sees sex work as a way to support her family. Some of these women have no choice but to use sex work to make a living. When these women are registered as sex offenders, it is even harder for them to obtain a job, and the vicious cycle continues. Criminal sex offense refers to crimes committed by sex predators, the “crime against nature” that Latasha talks about. When it comes to sex work, there is also a gender bias. Studies show that LGBTQ individuals are much more likely to be targets of violent hate crimes.

Sex trafficking is “usually linked seamlessly with sexual abuse, exploitation, pimps, slavery and ruined lives (Agustin 521)”. In some extreme cases, “migrants are theatened and held against their will, their personal documents are withheld and they are forced to have and sell sex (525)”. It is very interesting that Agustin says in her work that some migrants do not mind sex work, they just want to be in “less explotative conditions”. Nonetheless, people who are sex trafficked often are forced into sex work and are explotated.

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