LING305W San Diego State University the Role of Written Language Paper

For this project, you will need to contact and interview in person someone who is currently working in your professional or academic field.Ideally, this individual holds a job that you would like to have when you graduate.

Your interview will be written as a profile article for a department newsletter distributed to other students in your discipline.

The purpose of the article is to describe the working life of someone in your field for other students in your discipline.As part of this description, your article should give details about the role of writing in your interviewee’s work.

Your feature article will need to include the following:

  • A catchy headline.
  • An appropriate introduction that identifies and creates a dominant impression of the person you interviewed, conveys a sense of the interviewee and his or her work, and states the purpose of the article. We will discuss appropriate types of introductions in class.
  • A description of the nature of the work the interviewee does.This could include a description, for example, of a typical day (or typical duties, responsibilities), the most stressful part of the job (or the most rewarding, most difficult, most boring, etc.).
  • A description of the role of written language in your interviewee’s work.
  • Advice from your interviewee for students planning to enter the field.
  • A suitable conclusion to the profile that may tie back to the lead at the beginning.
  • Effective use of colorful quotations from your interviewee.
  • Writing that shows rather than tells about the subject of the profile (as discussed in class).
  • Format: Your profile will be formatted like the samples we looked at in class (single-spaced and in columns with short paragraph, you may write a headline, add a photo of the person, use pull quotes, etc. to have an attractive layout).
  • Your profile will be about 2 pages in length (in the profile layout), i.e. longer than the profiles we read in class.
  • You will submit your profile in hard copy and evidence that the interview was conducted in class. You will also submit your profile to Turnitin in a format that can be checked for originality.

What kind of writing does your interviewee have to do in order to be successful on the job?How much writing is involved and what kind is most frequent or most important?

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