LING001 UOP Language Differences Between Men & Women Essay

This Essay is about studying the differences in language between men and women. The requirements are here.

Sample Individual Paper (excerpt)

Language and Gender Constructs: Problems

Gender is a social construct. The idea that people who are born with one set of genitals or another automatically come equipped with all of the societal expectations and habits built into them has been proven to be incorrect, and has also been proven to be damaging. We are creatures of infinite variance and beauty, and restricting ourselves to an arbitrary set of boxes does not work to our advantage. However, this binary concept is worked deep into our core from a young age, impressed upon us from every angle, including from one of the most basic tools we use to communicate with each other: Our language. Language influences our idea of gender, and therefore can affect our actions in hundreds of subtle and not­so­subtle ways.

Over the last few weeks, I participated in a group study to attempt to suss out some of the ways gender can alter behaviors. In particular, we studied the interactions between men and women. We recorded a number of ten minute conversations between men and women of different ages, relationships, and doing different activities, and came up with some common differences between them.

In our conversations, men and women spoke, on average, for . . . . [end of excerpt from 3.5 page 8 paragraph double spaced paper]

Note on the individual paper I expect a cohesive project, where each member participates–each understands the research that was conducted, the findings, the analysis and the way it came together into a final report. So toward that end, I expect everyone to be able to document this work–not just their part of it but the whole project. Your individual paper is really a presentation of what your group did, what its thesis was, and what evidence supports that thesis. If you are a slacker and did not participate, this is where you are going to pay for that and where those who did all the work will get to shine. Hopefully, clarity on the individual paper will motivate everyone to be invested!

3.5-5 pages sounds like enough space to present a written summary of your findings.

This should be organized, detailed, proofread for clarity and appearance.

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