Language Acquisition

Prior to beginning this discussion, please read the following required articles based on your last name *prior to posting:*All articles should be read prior to posting to your peers’ posts.A-M: “Language Acquisition Socialization: Sociocognitive and Complexity Theory Perspectives” and “The Cultural-Historical Foundations of the Zone of Proximal Development”In your initial post,Apply skeptical inquiry to a brief discussion about why language acquisition is an important area for scholars and educators to understand when developing learning opportunities.Choose and define three new vocabulary terms from the week’s readings and explain your interest in these concepts.Discuss how additional factors [Zone of Proximal Development (A-M), self-regulation (N-S), and neuroscience (T-Z)] might affect language acquisition.Apply the concept of language acquisition to your own academic success. Has your own language development affected your success as a student? As an employee? How? Based on the resources and your current knowledge, do you believe you could develop areas of language acquisition, personally, that would be beneficial to you, your loved ones, or your friends?Your initial post should be at least 500 words in length and thoroughly discuss each of the elements in the prompt.

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