Knowledge Assessment Thesis

HCA 542, Knowledge Assessment/


Do not exceed more than one page, double spaced, per question.

This knowledge assessment is not timed and you have full access to your book and notes; therefore, it is expected that your answers will be detailed, insightful, of academic merit and with minimal spelling/grammar/format mistakes.

Both questions require utilization of sources. Be sure to properly cite within your text and then list references for any sources you utilize, in APA format.

1. Summarize, in your own words while also referencing to any sources you utilize, the predicted impact globalization will have on future healthcare personnel in the United States.


This assessment can include current vs future supply/demands, be focused on specific personnel or be described in broad terms, education needs, cultural barriers, rural vs urban areas, age of workforce, training opportunities, awareness, etc. Utilize chapter 3 in your book if you need additional ideas.



2. Find (Google Scholar, WKU libraries, etc) a minimum of two (2) current articles that discuss diversity in health care organizations. Specifically, look for those that address cultural competence and self awareness.


After reviewing your articles, answer the following:

a. What does “cultural competence” mean to you? Explain.

b. What does “self-awareness” meant to you? Explain.

c. As a leader, what is or will be your role and responsibilities tied to cultural competence and self-awareness as it relates to employees, patients and visitors? And, why are both important? Explain.

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