Kim woods

Chapter 101.Discuss functionalist and conflict perspectives on gender inequality2. Identify the primary agents of gender socialization and note their role in socialization3. How is prejudice and discrimination different, and how do they impact sexual orientation4. How does the division of labor differ in different societies?Chapter 115. Discuss Child related family issues that are problematic to society in the 21st century6.Define the following concepts:Monogamy, exogamy, polyandry, matrilineal, bilateral relationships, homogamyand the differences among the Patterns of Descent.7. Compare Symbolic Interactionist theory of family with Post Modern and Functionalisttheories.Chapter 128. Discuss conflict and structural functionalist theories of religion and education (separately).How do they address these two social institutions?9. What is the meaning of ‘hidden curriculum’ and inequality?Discuss the impact of school drop out on race and ethnicity10. Discuss your views relating to Charter Schools and Homeschooling

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