J421 Rasmussen College Quality and Funding Promoted Patrol Sergeant Project

As a newly promoted patrol Sergeant you are assigned to Bravo District, the highest crime area of the county. There are 90 square miles and 87,000 people living in Bravo District and nearly all are below the poverty level. You have inherited a squad of 8 patrol officers who are all senior, veteran officers that have a reputation for not doing much during their shifts and being nothing more than report takers. You will need to address a concern with one of your officers, Jane Smith.

Review the following information:

For the first part of your project, using research from your written assignment, write a 1-2 paper on the following:

  • Based on the statistics you pulled what is the quality of Officer Smith’s police service?
  • Based on Officers Smith’s quality of police service how might she be effecting public opinion?
  • Based on Officer Smiths quality of police services is it possible Bravo District could lose funding?

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