introduction to externship placement


  1. For students enrolled in the Bachelor of Health Information Management Program – HIM Externship Information
  2. This course provides you with an introduction to the externship placement process. Your primary contact for all clinical related questions is your Clinical Student Manager (CSM). Throughout this course, your CSM will work collaboratively with the faculty member. The CSM will provide information about clinical requirements, monitor completion of the clinical documentation, and answer any questions you have about the externship experience. The CSM will NOT be able to assist with issues related to academic work within the course, and the course faculty member will NOT be able to assist with clinical related issues.
    The first step with clinical placement is to download the HIM handbook here. You will want to read the document to familiarize yourself with the placement policies and procedures. Download a copy of the document where you can easily access it, and be sure to refer back to the document when you have questions about the clinical process.
  3. For Students enrolled in programs OTHER than BS in Health Information Management
  4. You should begin to research professional credentials and industry trends. In unit 10, you will be required to submit a word document discussing the importance of obtaining licensure and/or certification as a healthcare professional. You should also elaborate on the requirements for maintaining that licensure and/or certification. In addition, you will discuss the importance of remaining active and up-to-date with industry trends and demands.

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