Interview with Administrator of Your Work Place Essay

  1. Instructions:
    • Conduct a brief (15-30 minutes) interview of an administrator at your workplace.
    • Ask him/her to describe their perceived negotiation style using an example from their professional practice.
    • Were they successful in the negotiation?
    • Compare this style to your own and describe the similarities and/or differences.
    • Reminder to use support from literature.


    • Body of paper should be 1 – 2 pages, plus UTA CONHI title page and references.
    • Organization of your paper should be as follows:
      • Title Page.
      • I. Brief description of interview subject – include role in organization, management experience, or other factors to ‘set the stage’
      • II.Summation of subject’s negotiation style – include description of specific example with results of negotiation
      • III.Analysis of negotiation example provided by subject
      • IV.Comparison of interviewer and interviewee negotiation styles

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