Individual Research Paper 4-6 pages ( Psychology )

Textbook : Myers, David G. & Twenge, Jean, M.  (2018). Exploring Social Psychology. 8th ed. McGraw-Hill Education.Write a 4 – 6 page reaction paper, which will be based on examples of stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination, and explore purposeful methods to reduce them, through self-assessment and a reaction paper.Use MLA formatContain the following SIX sections: a.b.c.d.fa. INTRODUCTIONYour paper should include a thesis statement – stating the specific purpose of your paperIn two to three paragraphs, you are to summarize the material to which you are reacting to.Should you feel the need to selectively use quotations from the material, put them in quotes and follow the end of the sentence with a parenthetical citation For example: (Bishop 24) OR (Bishop, 2017, pg. 62).Failure to cite your material constitutes plagiarism and may result in having your paper returned to you with a grade of zero.b. CRITIQUEAnalyze the material in which you are reacting.Use references from textbook, The Reach of Prejudice & The Roots of Prejudice (Myers & Twenge, 2018).Selecting one additional reference (this one additional reference can be from another textbook; academic journal; additional relevant sources include: movie/film depicting stereotypes, prejudice, discrimination; relevant magazines/blogs. Cite ALL additional references, both in your paper and within your Works Cited page.Your analysis should address issues such as one or more of the following:Does the writer of the article that you are citing present these ideas fairly or are they slanted? How so?What are the strengths of the content of this literary work? Weaknesses?What could be added to this material to make it better or more complete?c. MEANINGAll papers will devote several paragraphs to this issue: Analyze stereotypes, prejudice, and discrimination, and explore purposeful methods to reduce them.This is a major part of your paper. Choose a major theme from the work and show how the author develops the theme. Give specific examples (be sure to cite them). Show how the theme is presented in various parts of the work.d. REACTIONGive your personal reaction to this material:What did you find surprising about any of your readings?Explore purposeful methods to reduce: Stereotypes, Prejudice and DiscriminationInclude an abundance of your own personal experiences with Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination. Have you been through any of these? How did it make you feel? Have you had friends / family / co-workers / etc. go through any of these experiences?Include a reaction to something that you may have recently seen in the news/internet /films depicting stereotypes, prejudice and discriminatory behavior.Include your own thoughts, opinions and perspectives to this subject matter.e. SELF-ASESSMENTIn an effort to explore purposeful methods to reduce: Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination, please take the following assessment from The Anti-Defamation League Personal Self-Assessment of Anti-Bias Behavior. Link : or upload PDF blow (There may be several points within the questions that don’t apply to you. You may modify any of these questions to fit your current lifestyle and current situations; but please do not skip any questions.)After you are done with the assessment, consider the questions that you found to be most impacting to you and elaborate on these in your final paragraphs. You may discuss areas that you wish to change in yourself; or areas you want to work on.Give three or four action steps that you will be taking in order for you to implement and change in your own behavior and in your own words, share purposeful methods to reduce Stereotypes, Prejudice and Discrimination.f. CONCLUSIONInclude any final thoughts and summarize effectively within a well- constructed conclusion.

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