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Module 4- to be completed by who ever works the Cases


Throughout this course you have been developing your leadership skills as a mentor/coach. In each module’s Case, you have made a plan, executed it, and evaluated your successes and failures. In this module’s Case, you received feedback from your coachee on the effectiveness of the coaching experience from his or her perspective. Now it is time to review this data and assess your own performance and growth as a coach.

Step 1) Reflect on what you set out to achieve at the beginning of the course and what you actually accomplished by the end of the course. Specifically, review your assignments from Modules 1 to 4, paying particular attention to the pre-planning goals you had for each session, what you learned, and what you would do differently next time.

Step 2) Answer the following 5 main questions below using question and answer (Q&A) format; in other words, include the original question along with your response. The secondary questions in each main question do not need to be itemized; they are meant to provoke thought. If appropriate, support your responses with information from course materials, and provide the full citation at the end. Use APA format for your references. Bring in your own personal experiences, readings, and research, where applicable.

  • Did you achieve your goals within the timeline of this class?
    • What actions did you take that enabled you to achieve your goals?
    • Was the timeline realistic?
    • Did you engage in the appropriate actions to address the goals?
    • Did you complete all of the actions you intended?
  • Were the goals you set appropriate?
    • Could they reasonably be expected to lead to the results you were after?
    • Were they relevant to the coaching you were doing?
    • Were they measurable?
    • Were they achievable?
    • Would you have been better off setting other goals?
  • What new behaviors did you try and how effective were they?
    • Are you asking more questions?
    • Are your questions more relevant? Open ended?
    • Are you using active listening?
    • Are you remaining non-judgmental?
    • Are you avoiding giving advice and letting the coachee do the work?
    • Are you spending adequate time (30-45 minutes) planning the coaching session?
  • What have you learned about coaching and about yourself?
    • Which part of the coaching experience did you most enjoy?
    • Which part of the coaching experience did you most benefit from?
    • What mistakes did you make?
    • What actions on your part most helped you make progress?
    • Did you discuss your progress with a coach or mentor of your own?
    • Did you consciously make improvement a planning goal for each coaching session?
  • What insights you have gained through this reflection?
    • What did I set out to achieve or do?
    • What happened? Why was this the result? Was this what I expected?
    • What difference does this make to my personal leadership effectiveness?
    • What has been the benefit (if any) of engaging in this exercise?

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