IHD812 School of Visual Arts Hammurabi’s Ideas of Justice Against Those of Wollstonecraft

In roughly 750 words, choose two authors whose work we have read and, using their texts alone, create a conversation, argument, or debate between those two authors that reflects the ideas, themes, or arguments expressed in the texts. The assignment will be evaluated on your use of relevant examples from the texts, and on the extent to which you express an understanding of the texts. You can choose from these two:

(1) Hammurabi’s ideas of justice, against those of Plato, King, or Wollstonecraft

(2) Locke’s ideas about property, against those of Wollstonecraft or Marx and Engels

While I imagine this “conversation” taking the form of a dialogue (like Plato’s work), it could also be written in an essay form, as long as you engage the main ideas and arguments of the two authors.

Cite the texts using parenthetical citations. No bibliography is needed. 

Code of hammurabi wollstonecarft Marsx and Engels

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