Identifying Scientific Methods in Historical Psychology Research

For this Assignment, you will watch all five of the historical research videos (listed below), and then select one video to identify basic scientific methods used in psychology. Once you have selected your study (video), complete the Unit 2 Assignment Template (located in Course Documents), which will guide you through writing a cohesive paper. This Assignment will provide you with a connection between the major psychology studies and concepts.Watch each of the following:Little AlbertASCH Conformity ExperimentsHarlow’s Monkey ExperimentsBandura’s Bobo DollRobber’s Cave ExperimentNext, select one the videos, and write a 2–4-page paper (not including Title and Reference pages) addressing the following points:Identify the historical research study (video) you selected from the list above.Summarize the results of this study and what implications it has with regards to human behavior and mental processes that you have learned about in Units 1–2.Describe what this study demonstrated about the scientific method using the information you have learned in Units 1–2.Identify the research method you see demonstrated in the study and explain your reasoning for choosing that method.Do you think this historical research was ethical or unethical? Explain your reasoning using American Psychological Association (APA) ethical guidelines described in your reading.

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