Identify one key piece of legislation that is currently making its way through the U.S. legislative process but has not yet passed or been enacted (go to the U.S. legislative database and search “

Identify one key piece of legislation that is currently making its way through the U.S. legislative process but has not yet passed or been enacted (go to the U.S. legislative database and search “Health”, “Public Health” or similar searches). Once you have selected a bill that has been proposed in response to a perceived public health problem, prepare a presentation outlining specifics and analysis of the bill. Your presentation must include at least FIVE current sources.  Be sure to include the following:

  1. Overview of the health problem: An overview of the public health problem to be addressed by the legislation. Discuss the problem and the number of people affected by it and by the proposed bill.
  2. Severity of the health problem: Discuss the research behind the health problem. What would realistically happen if the bill is not implemented?
  3. Overview of the bill: Please be sure to identify the name, number and author of the bill. You should include an overview of the proposed bill in terms of its specific provisions. Also be sure to state the current status of the bill. Has it been passed by the house? Is it in review? 
  4. Promises/Expected Outcomes: Identify the promoters and supporters of the bill (i.e. stakeholders). Describe what the supporters of the bill believe the bill will accomplish. What specific health outcomes the promoters claim will occur if the bill is passed? What communication channels are being (or should be) used for advocacy efforts? Discuss who is for the bill, and why?  
  5. Problems: Describe what individuals or groups oppose the bill, and why. Make sure to look at special interest groups (i.e. professional trade associations, industry groups, etc) to see what lobbying efforts they are making regarding the bill.
  6. Unintended Consequences: Discuss what unintended consequences could arise as a result of the passage of the bill (i.e. unanticipated events that could go wrong as a result of the bill). You may cite consequences suggested by others, or you can list the consequences you believe will result from the passage of the bill.
  7. Recommendation: What is your recommendation regarding this bill from a public health perspective? Make sure to support you’re your opinion with fact and research. What is your plan of advocacy (i.e., detail the advocacy efforts you can engage in to ensure the bill is supported, passed and/or implemented effectively)?

All presentations should be academically sound and reflect professionalism in grammar, spelling, and writing style/format (i.e., appropriate spacing and font size for your presentation and audience).  Presentations should be clear, objective, engaging, and include relevant visual images throughout, contain narrations throughout.  They should be strongly supported by credible/academic research sources (beyond your textbook) and include current APA in-text citations when appropriate, and APA formatted reference slide(s) at the conclusion. 

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