I need help finishing my paper. I need 1000 more words and 3 more peer reviewed sources.

Write a final analysis report of 2,000 to 2,500 words **already have 1000 words***(including the content from Ethical Issues in Business: First Draft Report and Analysis). Incorporate relevant feedback from your instructor to revise the background portion of your report. Your analysis should addresses the following:

  1. Influencing Factors: Describe pertinent information related to the wider scope of the ethical issue. What elements in the company’s culture, the external environment, or other factors influenced the ethical crisis? If it was portrayed in the media, how was it portrayed?
  2. Recommendation: What could the company have done to avoid the crisis in the first place? Propose how the company would have handled the crisis differently and the impact on the stakeholders discussed in the Crisis Details topic.
  3. Business Impact: Describe what other businesses can learn from the ethical crisis of the business you selected. If the situation was handled well, what could other businesses learn and why are these lessons valuable? If the situation was handled poorly, what could other businesses learn and why are these lessons valuable?

Support your main ideas using the APA-formatted, in-text citations from your “Ethical Issues in Business: Preliminary Research Table.” At least one reference for each of the identified topics is required in the final report. References for the Recommendation and Business Impact topics must be from peer-reviewed academic/scholarly resources only.

***I need another 1000 words and three more scholarly resources. I have provided with the first half of my paper and some research that i Have done for the last half of the paper. I will need the last sections to be formatted into this paper. The headers will be what the numbers 1-3 are and really this will be 4-6

***Please do not change my first part of paper

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