I need a first draft for this course

I need a first draft for this course

Do you remember you did me a course which always use slides to assign the work? This one is the next task. You did me a annotated biliography few days ago. I post the requirment here and response for annotated bibliography from my professor

response: Bloss] When you use this summary in your research paper, make sure to add some details about the pro/con arguments that this article mentions. This article seems to provide a good historical context for your topic as well.

Francome] What are the suggestions that the authors conclude with? Why the specific comparison between USA and UK? Why not other countries?

WHO] Has WHO ever had a different opinion on the matter of abortion?

Greasley] I feel like this article also has connection to religious matters. Maybe look at one more source that mentions abortion and religion in U.S.

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