This is the book i am going by 2. Why be concerned with “modeling” behavior for empl

This is the book i am going by

2. Why be concerned with “modeling” behavior for employees? The supervisor is the boss—why not simply tell them what to do?  Chapter 6

3.Well before the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) certain employers were required in some instances to provide “reasonable accommodation” of the limitations of an employee or applicant. Specify when this occurred and enumerate the conditions under which this requirement applied. Chapter 7

4. What could be wrong with an employment application question asking whether the applicant has been arrested? Is not the employer entitled to know whether one who might be hired has been in trouble with the law? Chapter 8

5. How would you react if an individual you were interviewing voluntarily revealed forbidden information? What would you do with this information? Chapter 9

6. Why do we need to bother with individual orientation for a new employee who is a trained specialist hired to perform exactly the same tasks performed at a previous job? Chapter 10 

7.What is the “situational leadership” mentioned in the discussion of leadership style? Explain. Chapter 11 

8.In many organizations, carrying weapons or fighting are infractions calling for immediate termination. Why do believe this is so, and do you agree or disagree with the practice? Chapter 12

This does not have to be in mla style just have to answer the questions thank you short chapters

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