How to write the theoretical and practical significance of the course work competently

theoretical partTheoretical part and practical significance (novelty, value) is a mandatory element of introducing any student work. To assess and describe the study’s importance, formulations are used that outwardly resemble short answers to the questions: for what purpose was the problem studied, are the results of its research relevant and significant.

If you are a little stuck in the process of formulating the theoretical and practical significance of the coursework, it’s time to figure it all out.

Theoretical part significance

What does it mean to describe novelty from a theoretical  perspective? First, it means showing that you have seriously approached studying the material on the topic. With your research project, we can expand the database concerning the object and subject of research. Second, it means that you have proposed one or more innovative methods of studying and solving a problem.

What does it look like in a term paper? Usually – as a statement that all the goals have been achieved and a transcript of the research project’s conclusions.

It can be schematically represented as follows:

Purpose (what needs to be done): consider, study, analyze, evaluate → conclusion (what happened in the end): studied, analyzed, etc.

What is the theoretical value of the coursework? Detailed consideration of the main thing in the problem;

  • In conclusions that can increase the level of research in a particular industry;
  • In a new approach to the problem, due to which the number of new techniques in the study will increase, new, fresh hypotheses will appear;
  • In conclusions confirmed by scientific experiments;
  • In evidence that abstract inferences can optimize practice;
  • In the contribution of research to the theoretical basis of the subject, it will positively affect reforms in practice.

Practical significance

It is understood as a specific, real benefit for society, the company, which acted as the basis for the study. If you can solve applied problems with the help of your ideas, concepts, conclusions, you can breathe out: your coursework is practically significant.

This indicates this value:

  • Completed foreign or own scientific research;
  • A well-developed methodology;
  • New information that fills in empty spaces in theory and replenishes the academic base;
  • Evidence that the chosen scientific direction is promising;
  • Material that will help to further engage in the study of the problem and comparative research;
  • Evidence that your proposed innovations are practical;
  • Specific solutions to the tasks.

Value can be explained not only in words. Your reliable allies in this matter will be specific reports, extracts, acts of implementation, various references, manuals, and instructions.

Important introductory words and phrases

theoretical partDo you want to consolidate the impression made by your achievements and discoveries?

Use unique words and phrases:

  • The results can be applied (where, for what, etc.);
  • Developments will help the company “Name” (modernize, increase, reduce, etc.);
  • The technique should be used in … For.

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