How to write the relevance of a term paper without mistakes

term paperWhatever topic of the term paper the student chooses, the main thing is that it meets the requirements of relevance. It should reflect this criterion both in the scientific project’s text and in the introduction and conclusion. We have prepared useful tips with the help of which the student will correctly reflect the relevance of the course topic and get an “excellent” grade. Recommendations are also suitable when writing an essay, dissertation, diploma, and other scientific papers.

Term paper is a written assignment for students of universities and secondary specialized institutions, completed on time and following specific requirements. As we said, one of these requirements is relevance.

The relevance of the term paper – what is it?

This is an essential part of scientific work, which helps to reveal the chosen research topic. Thus, it is necessary to answer the question: “Why is this problem worthy of attention?”

Simultaneously, the course student must determine the relevance even before the stage of writing the work. It is logical that if the topic is not relevant, then there is no point in working on it.

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The student must also justify in detail the usefulness of the research project. It is necessary to prove that the problem under consideration is essential in developing modern industry, science, or local production. If the research work bears no value, then it is generally inappropriate to study it.

“Your main task is to show how the conducted research can improve the current situation in a specific area of ​​social development.”

How to write the relevance of the topic of the term paper?

term paperThe relevance of scientific research is considered at the very beginning, that is, in the introduction. Remember; first, you justify the importance of the topic and only then indicate the main goal and planned tasks. This section’s particular value is the student’s vision and his opinion about the problem under study. If a student understands the peculiarities of the studied material well, then the disclosure of theoretical and practical aspects will not cause any difficulties. In particular, he must clearly explain how the study’s purpose is determined in a specific period.

First of all, it is necessary to draw the supervisor’s attention to the degree of study of the chosen topic in a particular area today. It would be best to list which aspects have not yet been fully explored and how you can fill this gap. This approach will be a reasonable basis for further research on the chosen topic. In your final year, you can even continue to study the problem in your thesis.

It is also good to mention the relationship between the issues under study and firms’ current state in this area. Then you can highlight how the research being conducted and its implementation will help in the development of specific objects.

When considering the question of how to write relevance in a term paper, it must be borne in mind that it depends on:

  1. State of scientific and technological progress.
  2. The emergence of new teaching methods and other additional information directly related to the topic under study.


  • How closely the chosen problem is connected with the discovered shortcomings in the already carried out scientific projects.
  • Is the topic motivated by the desire to use new research methods?
  • Is there a need to study issues when economic conditions change, etc.?

Once familiar with the rationale, the supervisor should see that the problem is indeed useful and relevant. Following the subject under study, the chosen topic, and the curator’s wishes, the volume on which it is worth relying can range from 7-8 sentences to 2 pages.

For clarity, we will consider examples of an apt description of relevance, which will significantly help to cope with the task.



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