How to write a speech for the defense of a term paper

There are frequent examples where a student receives a low mark for excellent term paper due to an illiterately prepared defense speech. It is a clear and concise presentation of the work’s content: goals and objectives, relevance, research progress, conclusions, practical and theoretical results.

If you do not know what to include in a defense of a term paper speech, where to start, and how to end it, then the tips below will be useful.

What you need to prepare for the defense of a term paper

defense of a term paperIf you plan to speak to the commission, you need to understand how to write a term paper speech. A multimedia presentation and illustrative material will also only improve the presentation’s impression and general work: prepare handouts, graphics, or wall posters.

You shouldn’t underestimate the opening speech and presentation. A successful presentation can change the image of you as a specialist if it is beneficial to emphasize the merits of the research and distract the commission’s attention from the shortcomings. Proper preparation will make the defensive speech structured without confusion.

Some will say: if I wrote an essay or a diploma, I would somehow tell you about what I have written, but this is not so simple. Information on how to write a speech for a term paper will not be superfluous because at the last moment, you will start to feel anxiety, and you will want to have a verified speech text.

To write a successful speech, you should pay attention to the following aspects:

  • The volume of the report must fit into the time given for the presentation. Asking the faculty for extra time will not have the best impact on the overall experience. It will be worse if your speech is stopped, hinting at a long story. The presentation will take place “without a hitch,” and for that, first of all, we must finish it.
  • The speech time depends on the number of students admitted to the defense and the teaching staff’s decision, but it is 7 minutes on average.
  • The length of the text. Considering the standard printing requirements (one and a half spacing, 14 fonts), a good speech should not exceed five pages. Too widespread a report can tire the attestation commission, and too short a lesson will make it difficult to thoroughly disclose the topic.
  • Clear structure.  Most often, students put together an introduction and a conclusion but do not make it easier for yourself. These sections can serve only as a basis for speech. It will require refinement and transformation of this set of units into a rhythmic structure.

Structure of the defense of a term paper speech text


defense of a term paperThe presentation of any project (dissertation, diploma project) begins with a welcome and Introduction. You need to introduce yourself and describe the topic of your work briefly to the members of your commission. It is quite possible to limit ourselves to a couple of sentences:

“Hello, dear members of the attestation commission. I, full name, 3rd year student, present to your attention a course project on the topic …”.

Theoretical part

One can write a section of the report can be written based on the Introduction. Define the study’s object and subject, tell about the urgency of the problem, and formulate the goal and sub-objectives. Also, say a few words about the work structure: the number of subsections, chapters, literature, and applications.

Main part

Spend more time and effort in this section. Here you need:

  • Briefly analyze each chapter;
  • Decipher the basic terminology;
  • Tell what was achieved in the research process and what were the limitations;
  • Write short conclusions.


The section should contain brief conclusions on each of the Introduction’s tasks, different perspectives of the topic, and the author’s contribution. Be sure to note that you have achieved your goal.

The final part of the defense of a term paper speech

Limit yourself to a couple of sentences, as in the Introduction: say that the report is complete, now you are ready to answer the questions.

If you are poorly familiar with the term paper planned for the defense, you cannot do without a sensible speech at the defense. A good lesson can do a lot: it can direct the commission’s attention in the right direction and emphasize the work’s merits. Contact the professionals – order a speech from them at a bargain price!

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