Homework Marketing.



-Due date is SUNDAY 29 JULY 2018

You must explain your work. Highlights and headlines with no quality information for the answer will yield a ZERO.Explain your answers.

1-Khalil Mahmoud and his 4 brothers decided to open a furniture factory which they called Mahmoudco Furnishings. Their idea was to purchase cheap wood, cut it, and assemble cheap furniture for sale in the market. Their goal was to become the cheap furniture provider in the region. They decided to open 10 more branches in the major cities in the Kingdom within 3 years. Since Khalil was the older brother, he was made CEO of the company. ii.

2-Mahmoudco Furnishings needed to expand due to increasing business. In order to fulfill their delivery orders, the company decided to buy 3 medium-to-large trucks for pickup and delivery.


1. Important question: go to the Internet. Search the national AND international market for trucks that Mahmoudco Furnishings would buy. To shorten your search, choose among Honda, Toyota, Hyundai/Kia, Nissan, Mitsubishi, OR ANY 3 BRANDS YOU WANT. Go through the 8 steps for business purchase, as it applies to this case. REFER TO THE BOOK FOR MORE DETAILS. Listing the steps gets you a ZERO. You must explain each step as it applies to the case. List criteria you would choose to compare them on, and do it. In the end, tell me which vehicles YOU would choose.

2. For the consumer, what kind of decision is this (complex, variety seeking, habitual, dissonance reducing)? Explain your answer. What are the steps the consumer would go through to purchase from Mahmoudco (steps in purchase)?

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