HMD307 UNLV Symbols Measuring Power and Influence Journal

Your journal will be a compilation of your thoughts and experiences from each week in class. You will record what you learned in class, your feelings on the class and the topic of the day and any other pertinent information you wish to include.

You will use your journal throughout the term and, more importantly, at the end of the term to help gain a better understanding of key concepts and important theories in leadership.

An appropriate journal will include:

1. What I did this week.

2. What I learned from it.

3. How I will use this in the future.

Note: I will be checking for spelling, grammar, and syntax. If you need help with checking these, please consult a friend or the writing center. I WILL take off points for mistakes in these.

I attached powerpoint that we used in class for this week and don’t worry about number 1.

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