HLS4640 North Carolina US Citizenship and Immigration Services Presentation

This is a continuation of the scenario presented in Units 3 and 4. The budget director has assigned you as the action officer to a DHS interagency working group to represent the agency or directorate. The purpose of the working group is to re-align DHS program priorities for the mid-year Congressional Budget Review. The budget director has received top-level approval of the AO’s previously submitted proposals. Each agency or directorate representative has an equal vote within the working group and voting authority assigned by the AO’s budget director. The working group members must assess each agency or directorate’s proposed mid-year realignments and determine a proposed Department (DHS) mid-year budget priorities realignment for presentation to the House and Senate Homeland Security Budget subcommittee. The AOs should represent the best interests of their parent agency or directorate to the working group. The working group shall be guided in their deliberations and actions by the DHS QHSR, BUR, StratPlan, and 2015 Budget in Brief (BOB).

Individual Portion

Prepare a PowerPoint briefing of the student’s Unit 3 and Unit 4 papers.

The briefing shall include the following:

  • A title slide
  • An agency description slide to include statutory missions, jurisdiction, and roles and responsibilities
  • Supporting background information slide
  • A program discussion slide to include mission, goals, objectives, and metrics (from the student’s Unit 3 Individual Project)
  • Justification for reprioritization
  • Recommendations to the working group

This PowerPoint presentation should be at least ten slides in length and include speaker notes and additional backup information slides as deemed necessary by the student. The student should submit the completed PowerPoint to the course instructor and to his or her small group area. This task is worth 100 points.


Model Answer

The student should be providing professional-level information and decision support documents. Writing style, writing mechanics, format, and content are key elements for grading and preparing the student for entry into the homeland security profession. Grading feedback to the student that addresses each of these areas is critical for student success and professional preparation and education. The student shall use the provided report template.

Part 1

The student’s PowerPoint presentation captures salient points of the student’s IP 3 paper and makes appropriate recommendations. The PowerPoint presentation is professional and appropriate in nature to include speaker notes with documentation (citations and references). The presentation avoids personal opinions and supports all statements of fact with citations. The student submits to small group and instructor.

Part 1 – Individual PP Presentation

For the Part 1 PowerPoint presentation, no matter what number of slides you may have read from anywhere else, as the ultimate superseding instruction, you are to prepare no fewer than 10 or more than 12 total slides including the following five required supporting slides: (1) cover/title slide, (2) agenda slide, (3) conclusion slide, (4) references slide, and (5) questions (?) slide. Hence, the number of body slides for your presentation will be seven (7) slides. Therefore, 5 required supporting slides plus 7 body slides equal to 12 total slides. Thus, if you chose to have 10 total slides, it would equal 5 required supporting slides plus 5 body slides equal to 10 total slides.

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