HIST180 CSUF Oppression and Resistance in Douglass’s Narrative Essay

Oppression and Resistance in Douglass’s Narrative

Slavery was predicated on a system of oppression and resistance. In your paper, explain the specific tactics slave-holders used to oppress slaves and the various ways in which slaves resisted. Think carefully about the various forms resistance and oppression take in Douglass’s Narrative and use specific examples from the text.

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Write a typed, double-spaced 600-word essay in response to reading. Include a thesis statement in the introduction and support your argument with specific examples from the text

Use the following guidelines to write your paper:

  • Typed, double-spaced, with one-inch margins, ragged right (no right margin justification), 12-point font. Include page numbers and a title that reflects your argument about the book (i.e. “A Slave Becomes a Man: Writing Manhood in Frederick Douglass’s Narrative.”
  • Include a thesis statement in the introduction and begin each paragraph with a topic sentence.
  • Cite direct quoted material with Chicago style, i.e. footnotes.
  • DO NOT use any on-line or outside sources. Also, see academic honesty guidelines in the syllabus.


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