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For the final component of the course project, you will imagine that you have successfully implemented the program evaluation you designed. Create a PowerPoint presentation to communicate the results of your evaluation to stakeholders.Since you have not actually implemented your program evaluation design, you will need to simulate results that are fictional, but they must be plausible.Note: It must be understood that in an actual program evaluation it would be highly unethical to represent “made up” results as actual data. However, it is ethical to simulate results in this way for this learning exercise.Assignment InstructionsRefer to the two sample PowerPoint presentations linked in Resources for guidance as you create a PowerPoint deck for this assignment. Do not submit a paper for this assignment. Papers will not be graded.The number of words on each slide should be cut to the bare minimum without losing the meaning. It would be ideal to have no more than six bullet points on a slide and no more than six words per bullet. You can always add more slides to cover any given topic. Note: do not use complete sentences.Place supporting details and references to evidence that you will use when making your presentation in the Notes section below the slide. Provide enough detail so that a colleague could make the presentation in your absence.Include copyright-free graphics or your own images to accompany text where appropriate. For instance, search Google Images (linked in Resources) for royalty-free stock photos and other graphics; be sure to attribute image sources as you would cite any other source and comply with any terms of use.In-text citations in current APA format must be included and references listed at the end of the presentation. Refer to the APA links in Resources as needed.For guidance in the basics of using PowerPoint and effective PowerPoint design, refer to the helpful links in Resources. If, after reviewing this material, you need more help using PowerPoint, contact your instructor—seek help early!Title: On the first slide of the PowerPoint presentation, enter:The presentation title: Results of Evaluation of [Project].Your name.Course number and title.Capella University.Instructor’s name.If this presentation was made in an actual professional context, the entries under your name would be replaced by your job title, the name of your organization, and perhaps your contact information.Introduction: In this series of slides, generally summarize:History of the program and the need it was created to meet.Program goals and objectives.Program methods and major strategies.Significant evaluation findings.High-level overview of evaluation methods.High-level synopsis of recommendations based on findings.Evaluation Methods: Describe the methods in enough detail that other evaluators would able to replicate them. Include:Data and CollectionWhat types of data was collected? Why did you consider it to be significant?Who was responsible for data collection?What were the sources of the data?How, when and from whom was the data collected?Methodological Challenges:Describe difficulties you encountered and how you resolved them.Describe limitations of your evaluation methods and strategies you used to mitigate them.Evaluation Findings:Present the key findings of your evaluation. (Remember, you will invent plausible findings for this assignment, but never do this for professional work or assignments that are supposed to involve actual research.)Stick to “facts” here, do not add interpretation in this section.To make the findings clear and impactful:Consider using graphics (diagrams, tables, or cross-tabulations).Include brief quotes, brief examples, photos, or illustrations.Interpretation of Results:Interpret the data, providing your opinions explaining what conclusions can be drawn from the data concerning the program and its effectiveness in meeting its goals and objectives.Recommendations:Make specific recommendations based on your findings about ways to sustain or improve program effectiveness. These may include changes in:Financial support.Policy.Procedures.Staffing.Other recommendations.Conclusion slide: Summarize the main findings, emphasizing why your recommendations should be followed.References: Use current APA style and formatting guidelines.Assignment RequirementsWritten communication: Free of errors that detract from the overall message.Format: Follow design suggestions in the unit study. Follow current APA style and formatting guidelines as they apply to this assignment.Font: The font, font size, and color should be selected for ease of viewing. Most often that means at least 36-point type for titles, 28–32 points for headings, and 24–28 point for subheadings. The text color should provide high contrast with background.Citation requirements: Cite best practices from at least three scholarly/research articles in this assignment. You may cite reputable sources from websites, books, textbooks, and assigned resources as well, but these will not count toward the three required scholarly/research references.

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