The two properties about a set of measurements of a dependent variable that we are most interested in describing are:SaveQuestion 2 (1 point)The ________________ is the sum of all the scores divided by the number of scores.SaveQuestion 3 (1 point)The generally preferred measure of central tendency is usually theSaveQuestion 4 (1 point)Which of the following is the most useful descriptive statistic for measuring dispersion?SaveQuestion 5 (1 point)The standard deviation isSaveQuestion 6 (1 point)If the mean I.Q. is 100 and the standard deviation of I.Q. scores is 15, then an I.Q. of 130 will have a z score (or standard score) ofSaveQuestion 7 (1 point)Inferential statistics allow you to decide whether a difference between the experimental and the control group is due to _______________ or ________________.SaveQuestion 8 (1 point)The null hypothesis suggests that the two samples come from ___________ distribution(s), and the experimental hypothesis suggests that the two samples come from _____________ distribution(s).SaveQuestion 9 (1 point)The power of a statistical test refers to its ability toSaveQuestion 10 (1 point)Simple analysis of variance is used in designs havingSaveQuestion 11 (1 point)The number of participants in a study is denoted bySaveQuestion 12 (1 point)A _____________ is a complete set of measurements.SaveQuestion 13 (1 point)_____________ is one way of ensuring that a sample is representative of the population.SaveQuestion 14 (1 point)If we conduct an experiment on average young, white, college males, inferential statistics allow us to generalize to the population ofSaveQuestion 15 (1 point)If we apply an alpha level of .05, and there really is no effect of the experimental manipulation, then one should makea Type I errorSaveQuestion 16 (1 point)Which of the following would be considered the most conservative alpha level?SaveQuestion 17 (1 point)The prediction that alcohol slows reaction time isSaveQuestion 18 (1 point)Two-tailed tests are _______________ conservative and ______________ powerful than one-tailed tests.SaveQuestion 19 (1 point)The _____________ indicates the number of scores that are free to vary.SaveQuestion 20 (1 point)The ____________ is used to analyze the results when there are more than two groups.SaveQuestion 21 (1 point)The __________ maintains that two conditions do not differ.SaveQuestion 22 (1 point)A conservative statistical test is one thatSaveQuestion 23 (1 point)What are inferential statistics used for?SaveQuestion 24 (1 point)Descriptive statistics are used to:SaveQuestion 25 (1 point)Which of the following is not a characteristic of the normal curve:5 years ago28.02.20165Report Issue

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