Health Educator working-military families


PM Taskstream Assignment (Powerpoint) Due February 27th 1/1

Taskstream Assignment (Powerpoint) Due February 27th

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Due February 27th

Instructions: Teacher educator candidates will create a PowerPoint based on the following scenario. You are the Health Educator working with military families. Knowing that active combat can result in injuries and casualties, you must provide an educational session to the service persons and their families on legal documents they should have in place as consumers of these types of services. You want to include items to protect them and their families and to ensure that their wishes are carried out in case a catastrophic event occurs. Create a short, sensitive PowerPoint (8 to10 slides) that you would use to enlighten your audience. Include information on medical directives, power-of-attorney, and other final documents that would be beneficial. Research and use correct format and terminology with the documents. Include a separate reference sheet with a minimum of three (3) references.

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