health care workforce planning thesis



International Perspectives



For this discussion, you will need to find at least one current/relevant research study or article related to healthcare workforce planning in a country other than the United States.

After reviewing the article of your choice, post a summary of that article and what you have learned as it relates to the  health care workforce planning for that country

Examples of things to discuss/educate us about include:

· Barriers to the country’s healthcare workforce development and why those exist.

· Evaluation or availability of advanced health care technologies and how they impact workforce planning and needs.

· Cultural differences in that country and how that impacts workforce needs and education and acceptance, etc.

· Planning for future demands.

· Collaboration with other countries to meet needs.

After making your post, read the post of at least TWO (2) other students and comment on his/her post.

All posts are expected to be academic in nature, insightful and respectful.

You must cite your source at the end of your post.  Utilize APA format.

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