HE530 Purdue University Global Grant Funding Discussion

Read the following scenario carefully. Keep the scenario in mind as you are completing the Readings for this unit. To respond to the Discussion topics based on the scenario, draw from the Readings, as well as your research about grants from public and private sources. Remember that this is a Discussion, so be responsive to your classmates and thoughtful in your contributions.


Continuing with the scenario presented earlier, your college has experienced a 15 percent reduction in public funding over the past 3 years. Several positions have been eliminated. Some academic programs have been eliminated as have some of the student support services. It is clear that in order for your college to take advantage of opportunities for growth, expansion, and innovation, external funding sources must be identified. You recently participated in a strategy meeting with several college administrators. One of the agenda items was a discussion about external funding sources. Much of the discussion focused on public and private fund sources. At the conclusion of the meeting, there was a widespread agreement that some research should be done to identify multiple sources of public and private funds in the form of grants, endowments, and so on. Each participant in the meeting was asked to research public and private grant/endowment programs and to provide important information to inform the decision about programs to pursue. You agreed to identify two grant programs available through public funding sources such as your state government or the federal government. You also agreed to identify two grant programs available through private organizations. In your Discussion response, indicate the sources you have identified and provide the following information for each funding source you select:

  • How much money is available through the grant and what is the time period for the funds?
  • What programs are funded through the program?
  • For what purposes may the funds be used? What restrictions exist for the use of the funds?
  • Is there a financial match obligation for the college?
  • What other important stipulations are associated with the grant?

Share your findings with others on the Discussion Board. Be sure to engage in discussion about the grant programs identified by others. Toward the end of the week, recommend a public and private grant program. The program you recommend can be one you presented or one that was presented by another class member. Be sure to include a justification for your recommendation.

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