Grasslands & Populations Case Study


Grasslands & Populations

This week our discussion will focus on populations in grasslands and related ecosystems. Find a graphical representation of population change data to share with the class. This may be for vegetation in grasslands or for animals. It may be for a single species or for several. You might want to look into vegetation studies, migratory species, or even the soil biota! 🙂 Upload the image you find depicting population change in the grassland or related systems, be sure to follow the instructions on embedding images as you did in discussion 1. Interpret the graph for us. What are we looking at? What type of data does each column, bar, or dot represent? What variables do each of the axes represent, and what are their units (e.g. cm, g)? How do values of y (the dependent variable) vary with values of x (the independent variable)? What trends are apparent in the graph? If you found data on population change over time, what model of population growth (e.g. linear, exponential) do you detect? Explain why you think this. For other data types, address how you would model these data and what other factors you may need. Your discussion will largely depend on the data you find to share, so be sure to integrate course vocabulary into the discussion. Be sure to pen a unique and catchy title to identify the content of your thread.

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