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QUESTIONS 1. List all the different types of bribes, payments, or favors represented in this case under (a) FCPA, (b) Criminal Law of PRC, and (c) Law Against Unfair Competition of the PRC. Why is each either legal or illegal? 2. For those practices that you listed as illegal, classify each as lubrication, extortion, or subornation, and explain your reasoning. 3. Which of the payments, favors, or bribes are illegal under the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act (FCPA)? 4. Assuming that the FCPA did not exist, what is the ethical response to each of the payments, favors, or bribes you have identified? Read the section titled Ethical and Socially Responsible Decisions in Chapter 5 as a guide to assist you in your decision. 5. In your view, which of the expenses detailed in the lawsuit could be in violation of the FCPA, and which could be legitimate business expenses as the American Company contends? Discuss. 6. Discuss the legal/ethical issues raised by the comments by the retired Foreign Service agent and the consultant. 7. List alternatives to paying bribes in international markets and discuss the plusses and minuses of each.

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