Genetic disorders Presentation

For this assignment, you will research a genetic disorder and create a presentation about the disorder. Choose from one of the following disorders:Cystic fibrosisDown syndromeHemophiliaTurner syndromeTay-Sachs diseaseHuntington’s DiseaseMarfan syndromeSickle Cell DiseaseNeurofibromatosisIn your presentation, after you identify and briefly describe the disorder, you should address the following topics:What causes this disorderThe genes/chromosomes that are involvedIs the disorder inherited?Role of dominant or recessive genesAny influence from the environment? (Address if/how nature vs. nurture applies to this disorder)Is this diagnosed in utero? How?How the disorder affects prenatal developmentHow the disorder affects postnatal developmentPlease include slides for each of these bullet points. For example, even if there is no influence from the environment, you should still have a slide that explains that there is no influence from the environment. All of these bullet points need to be addressed in the presentation and clearly labeled at the top of each slide. (See the rubric below. Each criteria is worth up to 3 points, for a total of 18 possible points.)Your presentation should be at least 10- to 15-slides in length, and should include pictures or diagrams. You are welcome to use PowerPoint, Prezi, or another presentation tool of your choice. Be sure to cite your sources, both for your written information and for any images. All sources must be cited using APA-formatted in-text citations, with a reference slide at the end. Some good sources of information include: you are finished, submit your presentation here. After you have submitted it here, go to the Genetic Disorders Presentation Discussion and post your presentation, so that you can share it with the class. Read at least one other classmate’s presentation (on a disorder different from the one you researched), and respond to it. This discussion activity is worth an additional 2 points, for a total of 20 points possible for this assignment

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