fix the errors in yellow/ all must be fixed according to APA format/ will attach document

Attached Files:Week 2 Editing APA Style Errors Assessment.docx (20.604 KB)The attached paper contains 10 APA Style formatting errors.  Your job is to fix the errors in yellow.  HINT: The table on page 177 of the APA Manual will help you correct several errors. If you are not sure what the error is, then keep looking for it.  This activity involves some investigative work using the APA Manual to address mostly BASIC APA Style formatting rules.  If you guess, you will probably not get the answer correct. But if you use the APA Manual, you can get 100%.NOTE: DO NOT send this assignment to the Writing Studio.Download the paper, fix the mistakes (highlight them another color if you want), and turn in the paper by Sunday night.This is a pass/fail assignment and you must fix at least 9 of the 10 errors to get credit.

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