Final Social Policy Analysis

Ok, so this some crazy idea that the instructor come up with to keep us focus and on track. In the document that I sent you there are three paper that I compiled on one document. The purpose of this assignment is for the me to demonstrate knowledge of policy analysis. I had to select a social problem (Part I) that I am interested in and then find a policy related to that problem. Then I had to follow the process outlined below to define the social policy and critically analyze the selected policy. This assignment will be broken down into smaller, manageable parts to both keep you on track and to offer feedback along the way (details below). The smaller parts will be revised and submitted as part of the larger product described below. The final Social Policy Analysis paper will take the following formPart I. Defining the Social ProblemPart II. Background/Context of the ProblemPart III. Policy AnalysisPart IV. Evaluation and Conclusion (Only included in the final paper)So, Part 1,2,3 where is smaller parts that will create the final paperPLEASE READ THE Rubric, INSTRUCTION AND THE INSTRUCTORS COMMENTMore detail in in the instructionRUBRIC IS ALSO INCLUDED

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