Final Paper: From Policy to Delivery

Final Paper: From Policy to DeliveryTopics (Choose one topic from the following list as a focus for your research project):Mandated Reporting of Child Abuse: Laws requiring the mandated reporting of child abuse have been enacted in every state in the United States. Mandated reporting laws cross disciplines (counseling, psychology, medicine, nursing, education, etc.). Some professionals have criticized these laws on the basis of interfering with their professional relationship with children.Mental Health Parity: Mental health parity laws and regulations have been enacted at the state and federal level. This “hot” issue affects not only the mental health community, but also the welfare and traditional healthcare sectors.Prison Diversion: Many states and counties have developed court-based diversion program to provide an alternative to prison time for minor offenses, drug offenses, and offenses committed by juveniles or mentally ill individuals. There are several facets of this issue that can be examined from a cross-disciplinary perspective.Prescription Privileges for Psychologists: There are efforts by both the state and federal level focused on granting psychologists the right to prescribe psychotropic medications to patients. This controversial issue crosses several disciplines.After you have selected a topic, you will prepare a comprehensive 4,200-5,250 word (12-15 page) paper that analyzes all of the following areas from a cross-disciplinary perspective:Define the human service policy topic you have chosen from a cross-disciplinary perspective. What are the problems, areas, and disciplines that you will explore in your paper? (2-3 pages)Briefly summarize and review the relevant federal and state regulations, laws, or court rulings relevant to your topic. (2-3 pages)How do these laws and regulations impact the provision of services? Ensure you address the impact the development of budgets, management of staff and volunteers, the ability to engage in advocacy efforts in this analysis.  (6-8 pages)What future research/policies/law/regulations are needed to address this issue adequately? (2-3 pages)APA 6th edition format is required for this assignment. You must use a minimum of eight scholarly sources including the textbooks to support your analysis. You may include recommended and required readings.Point Value: 30 PointsWeekly Learning Outcome Alignment: 1, 2, 4Course Learning Outcome Alignment: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

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