FILM101 Santa Barbara City College Pans Labyrinth & Aesthetic Choices Paper

Pan’s Labyrinth uses elements from the Fantasy and Horror genres to represent “Social History” through aesthetic choices in the mise-en-scene. In the short documentary, Del Toro and Myth, he explains, “[Bruno] Bettelheim says that fairy tales actually exteriorize conflicts and matters that are intrinsically human and interior and make them manifest.” How does Del Toro exteriorize social/historical conflicts in the mise-en-scene in Pan’s Labyrinth?

In your response, please analyze specific examples from Pan’s Labyrinth as well as Del Toro and Myth and Pan and the Fairies (short documentaries) and use film terminology as well as concepts from Looking at Movies.

NOTE: In order to receive full points, please quote at least ONE passage from Looking at Movies and make sure your analysis is 2-3 pages (12 pt. font, double-spaced). Remember to italicize film titles and book titles.

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